Beautiful in sound as well as appearance, Casavant Fréres, Opus 3762 – the Laura L’Allier and Raymond Houle Memorial Organ – is a stunning part of Masses as well as musical performances. Installed in 1998, it weighs several tons and is supported by steal beams and columns.

The organ features 3,306 speaking pipes, from those smaller than a pencil in diameter to those large enough to view from the altar. The pipes on the façade are 70 percent tin with gold leaf on the mouths. Five large wooden pipes on the roof and two decorative, non-speaking pipes held by the angels complete the organ.

The top of the case features the following crests:

  • The Society of Mary
  • The L’Allier family
  • A star, redolent of Jesus Christ
  • The Houle family
  • The Parish crest

The statue is of Saint Maron, the founder of the Maronite Rite (Lebanon) of the Catholic Church. Helene A. Houle, donor of the organ, chose Saint Maron to honor her husband, John Nasseff, who is Lebanese and of the Maronite Rite Church. Her gift was made in loving memory of Laura L’Allier and Raymond Houle.