The Choir - Church of Saint Louis

The choir of the Church of Saint Louis, King of France, is a semi-professional ensemble that sings at the 11:00 am Sunday Mass from the Sunday after Labor Day through Corpus Christi. In addition, the choir sings at the major liturgies at Christmas and during Holy Week. The choir’s repertoire is drawn from the great treasure of western liturgical music, from Gregorian chant to works commissioned by the parish.

The Schola Saint-Louis also sings at other liturgies throughout the year. This group consists of the eight section leaders, many of whom have sung in notable performing groups in the Twin Cities such as VocalEssence, the Rose Ensemble, and the Mirandela Ensemble.

In the summer, quartets drawn from the Schola sing at the 11:00 am Sunday Mass.

Volunteers form an important part of the choir and are always welcome to audition. Good singing ability is necessary, as well as some proficiency in sight singing. To arrange an audition, please call Brian Carson at 651 224 8847.