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Few who have entered the Church of Saint Louis have failed to be moved by its beauty.
Angel holding tabernacle lamp

The following words were spoken by Blessed Pope John Paul II in Rome on 22 May 1987:

Our Churches have for a long time played an important role in the cultural life of cities and towns. Is not the Church the house of the People of God? Has it not been in Churches that people have had their first aesthetic experiences in seeing the beauty of the building, its mosaics, paintings, statues, or sacred objects; in hearing organ music or the singing of the choir; in attending celebrations which draw people above themselves and cause them to enter into the heart of the Mystery?

Outside liturgical celebrations there can be a place for religious music in concert. This can be an occasion offered to Christians who no longer practice their faith, or to non-Christians who are seeking God, to have access to an experience beyond simple aesthetic emotion...the Church will remain, even through artistic presentations with no liturgical connection, the place where one can discover the presence of the living God, the source of all beauty.

Indeed, many have been drawn to the Church of Saint Louis because of its musical program. Many more have heard of the Church because of the music, but have not yet found the opportunity to come to the Church. It is for all of these people-parishioners, friends, and neighbors-that the Church of Saint Louis has enriched its musical offerings.

This will be done through the establishment of a Music Program Seed Fund which will help provide ongoing resources to allow the Church to carry out artistic initiatives ranging from the commissioning of new organ works to the hosting of a French artist-in-residence at the Church.

Of equal importance, the Church will seek to establish collaborations with other arts and educational institutions in the area to greatly expand the presence of liturgical music in the Twin Cities.