Special Events - Church of Saint Louis

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2017 Schedule of Masses
See parking instructions at the bottom of this page


Saturday, December 23: Vigil of the Fourth Sunday of Advent
5:00PM Low Mass

Sunday, December 24: The Fourth Sunday of Advent
7:00AM Low Mass
9:15AM Sung Mass with cantor
11:00AM High Mass with quartet from Schola Saint-Louis
12:30PM Low Mass

Sunday, December 24: Christmas Eve
5:00PM Sung Mass with Schola Saint-Louis
6:45PM French Carols with Schola Saint-Louis
7:00PM Mass in French with Schola Saint-Louis

After the French Mass, the church will be closed until 10:45PM

11:30PM Carols and Music with Choir
12:00AM Christmas Mass at Midnight with Choir

Monday, December 25: Christmas Day
7:00AM Low Mass
9:15AM Sung Mass with Schola Saint-Louis
11:00AM High Mass with Choir
12:30PM Low Mass


Ample free parking is available for all Christmas Masses and weekend Masses throughout the year in the Andersen Human Services Building just across Tenth Street

• Enter the ramp through the “Contract” entrance on Minnesota Street just north of the intersection with Tenth Street;

• Exit to the street either via the stairway at Minnesota and Tenth, or the elevators in the northwest corner of the ramp;

• After Mass, re-enter via the elevators to reach your car;

• If the barrier is down across the exit, approach slowly and it will open.